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Studio is now open for bookings. Call the Pro Shop at (250) 954-0644 for times and avilability.

We are excited to introduce our new Golf Studio at Brigadoon. We designed the studio as a fun and informative way for golfers in the Oceanside area to experience the same technology used by the Pros to practice and understand their golf swing.

What is a golf launch monitor?

A golf launch monitor is a device that captures and analyzes the dynamics of a golf swing and ball flight. It provides data such as swing speed, ball speed, launch angle, and spin rate. This information helps golfers understand their swing, improve their skills, and choose the right clubs for their game.

At Brigadoon we use two types of launch monitors; a Foresight stereoscopic camera system, and a Flightscope radar launch monitor. Simulator software projects each golf shot on a 16ft wide screen either on a driving range or signature golf hole. An accompanying 40in TV screen shows your launch conditions and ball data.

Studio Sessions

Introduction to Golf Technology – ½ hr Session

A half hour session to use the golf simulator and experience launch monitor technology. With the assistance of our onsite studio technician, you will understand the dynamics of your golf swing, learn why your shot launches the way it does, and areas to improve.

Distance Gapping Session – “Know Your Numbers” – ½ hr

The Pros know exactly which club to use for each distance on the course. You can also learn this using our “Know Your Numbers” software and Foresight launch monitor. In the half hour session, you will hit each club 3 to 5 times to get an average carry distance for each. We book separate half hour sessions for Irons, and Driver/Fairway Woods.

*Gapping session is complimentary with any new Club Set purchase in the golf shop.

Practice Session – ½ hr or 1hr

Looking to really dial in your swing and practice specific areas? Book a session with our Studio Tech and work on launch parameters and technique to help you on the course.

We can set you up on any type of golf hole with specific yardages.

Other Services

Ask the Pro Shop about our other services:

Club Re-Gripping: We have a selection of grips from Super Stroke, DriTac, and Golf Pride.

Club Demo: Test the difference between steel and graphite shafts and different weights. We have demo clubs from Cobra (Irons only) and TourEdge (Irons, Hybrid, Driver)

Golf Ball Demo: Interested in the difference in spin and feel of golf balls? Test between different manufactures for your specific swing speed.

Putter Check: Test your putter with a basic fitting to see what type of putter stroke you have, the toe hang of your putter, and where you can make adjustments. We measure your tempo, rotation, face angle, and more.

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Tuesday, July 23, 2024. Please call the Proshop for tee times @ 250-954-0644. We open daily at 8 AM.

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